FSBO – For Sale By Owner

In the recent real estate market, people are already considering selling their property as a "FSBO" - For Sale By Owner. These are home owners who wish to sell their homes without the aid of an agent -  who is usually paid a specific percentage (6%) of the property’s...

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Tips for Selling Your House

Below are a few important Tips for Selling Your House Guidelines Even When The Market Is Down Getting ready to get rid of an old home for a new one? Moving out for a better job out of state? You don’t really have to worry about selling your house. You can ask help...

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Buying Your First Home

Buying Your First Home Can Be Nerve-Wracking - Prepare a Plan And a Budget First In the current market, properties don’t sell as much for prices have gone really low. This is bad and sad news for those who are into selling of properties. On the other hand, now is a...

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Selling Your Home

If you think selling your home (DIY = do it yourself) all by yourself is impossible, you might want to think again. It may need more work on your end, but it is possible as long as you know exactly what to do and spend on what is just necessary. Here are some...

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