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Photo of Raymond Campbell. We buy houses in Houston.

Raymond Campbell

Steve Haver is a real estate investor in Houston, Texas with many years of experience.

Steve Haver

Houston-Home-Buyers.com is locally owned and operated. We are real estate investors and home buyers, not realtors. We are a private real estate investment company located in Houston, Texas.

Steve Haver has a strong background in real estate construction. For many years he purchased houses in and around Houston and remodeled them for resale to the retail market. Both his previous company, Update Construction, LLC and his current company, Cash for Properties, LLC are A+ rated members of the Houston Better Business Bureau. Currently Steve's focus is on the purchase of houses for remodeling and for resale to other real estate investors. Steve patiently details the options available to homeowners and home sellers. One of Steve's strengths is that he closes on every house he agrees to purchase when clear title can be obtained. Steve is the CEO of Houston-Home-Buyers.com.

Raymond Campbell began working in the real estate industry several years after he obtained his MBA from Texas State University. He gained several years of experience with both residential and commercial real estate. He left real estate for more that 20 years to work in various corporate positions. One of his corporate titles was "Director of Sales and Distribution for South America" and he spent 5 years working in South America. Raymond returned to the United States in 2010 and created several online real estate businesses. He is the COO and CFO of Houston-Home-Buyers.com.

We buy Houston area homes, houses, and other real estate properties for investment purposes and we pay CASH. We are experienced with rehab and remodeling and we repair run-down, out-dated homes and homes with major structural damage. Major structural problems and cosmetic repairs are NOT an issue with us.

Houston-Home-Buyers will buy out-dated homes and houses in any condition ("as-is") for CASH and close Quickly. We do not "list" houses as do Realtors. We are principals, owners of the real estate, and we buy and sell houses and other real estate throughout the Houston, Texas area.

There are NO fees or commissions for our efforts. We will make an offer for your house within  minutes after walking through your property. Our goal is to close on your house in 10 days. Do you want to know more about house values in Houston?

We buy houses in Houston in any condition with 100% cash.
No home is too run-down for us - we have seen it all.
We buy pretty houses too !

We can do a 15 minute walk-through and say "We'll make you a CASH offer and settle in 15 days or less." How does that sound?

Call us at 281-231-2703 or E-mail us and we will be happy to discuss your home or property and your situation.

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