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When we buy your house we also pay-off the home mortgage balance.

When we buy houses we pay with all cash and we pay off the home mortgage.Many financial entities offer home loans or home mortgages. These would include banks, savings and loans, mortgage bankers and insurance companies. The world of lenders is always changing as new companies appear and old ones disappear or merge. And the mortgage on your house was the tool that allowed you to finance its purchase. However, it could be the source of an impending foreclosure. If you are having difficulty making payments on your home mortgage, including a mortgage on a run-down, beat-up house, then we can help you. How? Sell your home, rental house and other real estate property to Houston-Home-Buyers. We buy all real estate, including a run-down, beat-up house, in any condition for CASH !

Are you looking for a Home Mortgage ?

Usually home mortgage rates and fees are published in the real estate sections of metropolitan newspapers or their online websites. Additional information can be found on online websites focusing on home mortgages. When approaching conventional lenders, ask about any "first-time buyer" programs that offer more flexible down payment or qualifying terms. This will be a good starting point for a potential borrower. Another option is working with a loan broker, who is intermediary who specializes in matching house buyers and mortgage lenders.

Government-subsidized mortgages, which have zero or low down payment plans in another possibility for the borrower. A final source of home mortgage money is from private individuals - parents, relatives or the seller of the house. Borrowing money privately is very cost-efficient because you avoid most of the lending and mortgage fees. Learn more about our company and people.

Terms and Features of Home Mortgages

1) Assuming you an excellent credit history, you can qualify for a mortgage with higher monthly mortgage payments and a lower down payment (10% - 15%).

2) Larger mortgages and lower down payments usually result in a higher interest rate and loan fees or points. Larger down payments will result in better terms for the borrower.

3) Speed of Closing - expect between 45 - 90 days to receive approval for a mortgage from a conventional lender. Expect the lender to process the following information during this period:

  • appraisal of the property's value
  • detailed examination of the borrower's credit history
  • evaluation of the borrower's current financial status
  • how the borrower plans to repay the loan

We are real estate investors, not Realtors. We Buy run-down and beat-up Houses - and pretty houses in Houston. Major structural problems and cosmetic repairs are ugly but they are NOT an issue. If you have home mortgage payment problems, we can help. We will pay CASH and close Quickly - in 10 days or less.

We pay CASH and close quickly !

Call us at 281-231-2703 or E-mail us and we will be happy to discuss your home mortgage, commercial property, or any other real estate.

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