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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

If you think selling your home (DIY = do it yourself) all by yourself is impossible, you might want to think again. It may need more work on your end, but it is possible as long as you know exactly what to do and spend on what is just necessary.

Here are some guidelines that could help in Selling Your House

Prepare the house for its potential new owners
Make sure you tidied up every corner of the house. A little upgrade would be good such as changing curtains or repainting the walls. You can also do the smaller changes such as changing the light bulbs or the handles on cabinets or drawers. Do go too far though. Too much upgrades on the house might just make it more expensive thus having it difficult to be presented on the market.

Know the worth of your home
You cannot and should not just decide the price of your house according to how you think its worth. Personal memories you have does not necessarily affect the price (not unless it is a house passed on from generations and historical events happened). Have the house assessed by an expert. Check the market in your area. You could also compare prices of houses that are on sale in your neighborhood.

Take the risk and cut off a percentage off the price
After knowing the worth of your home, slash about 15% off the value and have it out on the market for bidding. Since starting price is low, a lot of people would be bidding even up to the actual price of the house. Not everyone does this because it is a very risky strategy but it is actually a great one.

Since you have saved a lot from agents or brokers, shell out a few on advertising. This is to make sure that people would know your house is for sale. You can also save by advertising online. Having it posted on social media sites and websites who offer free advertising could help you publicize the information throughout your area. Selling your home requires time and patience.

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