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We Buy FLOODED Houses

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Sell Your House Fast In Houston For CASH !

"as-is" Condition - 281-231-2703

We Buy FLOODED Houses

Sell Your Houston House for Cash. We buy houses in Houston in any condition.Sell your Houston Home FAST for CASH . . . We are Houston Home Buyers - home buyers, investors and rehabbers - we buy Houses, Homes, Rental Houses, Duplexes and Apartments in the Houston area. We will buy your house or home in any price range, in any area of Houston and in any condition (as-is). Major structural repairs? No problem - sell your house fast - today. We buy all types of homes - pretty and ugly, new and old, maintained or not. We can and have made offers in 15 minutes. Sell your home for CASH - close in 10 days. How does that sound?

Sell your Houston House Fast for Cash !

We can help homeowners stop foreclosure by purchasing their house and paying off the lender.

We made an offer on this 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in less than one hour and it was accepted by the owner.

Do you have a home or property that you'd like to sell quickly? We can do a 15 minute walk-through and say "We'll make you a CASH offer and settle in 10 days." How does that sound?

  • NO 6% realtor commission to pay
  • NO waiting months or years for your realtor to find a buyer
  • NO worry about major structural and cosmetic repairs - we will buy your house "as-is"
  • YES, a fast and easy sale for CASH !

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  • This is an older home near Houston's medical center that needed extensive remodeling and repair.
  • This home is a small, simple rental that needed a number of repairs to attract renters. It was sold for cash. No more landlord problems, no repairs, no more worries.
  • Hello Hurricane Ike. This is what a living room looks like after the water has receded. The mold and small animals invaded later. The owner waited too long to sell and the home was taken by the local city government for demolition.
  • We buy large, pretty homes too. We buy houses in any condition and we pay 100% Cash.
  • The fire damage to this home is extensive but it can be saved by an experienced contractor. The owner kept the insurance money and sold the home for cash. No more problems for the owner / seller.
  • Another fire damaged home. This house was badly damaged by fire. The owner had no desire to repair the home and sold it for cash. No more problems for the owner / seller.

Repairs Needed?  No Worry

Does your home have structural damage, foundation damage, plumbing damage? Don't worry - we will deal with it. The condition of your property is NOT an issue with us. Major structural problems and cosmetic repairs are NOT an issue. Is your house dirty? Don't worry - we will deal with it. Need thousands of dollars to make major structural repairs? Don't worry - we will buy your home and we will deal with it.

We buy pretty and less than pretty houses and homes in the Houston area. We are not realtors and we do NOT want to list your house. We are rehabbers / investors / contractors with experience in making major and minor house repairs. We are NOT afraid of imperfect homes or houses needing major structural repairs. "Sell my house for cash," you ask? We will make you an offer today!

We buy, rehab, and sell all types of real estate in the Houston area including commercial, residential homes and houses, rental houses, duplexes, apartments and raw land. We buy Houston houses and other real estate property in any condition. We will make you a FAST offer  - and sometimes in as short as 15 minutes! Do you have a foreclosure or repossession situation? We can stop your house foreclosure and help you keep your good credit!

Fast Offer, Quick Close

We can do a 15 minute walk-through and say "We will make you a CASH offer and settle in 10 days." How does that sound? Sell your Houston home FAST for CASH.

Call us at 281-231-2703 or E-mail us. More real estate investing information can be found by clicking here.