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Item Realtors iBuyers
Fees/Commissions None 6% up to 13% - their multi-million dollar advertising budgets are paid by YOU
Any Condition ? Yes No No
Required Repairs None Yes - often $5000-$30,000 varies
Cash Offer Yes Seldom Yes, but is often preliminary pending an inspection and subject to Re-Negotiation
Number of Showings 1 Multiple 1
Inspections Required 1 Multiple varies
Mortgage Approval No Often No
Phone Support Yes Yes unknown
Days on Market 1 up to 365 1
Days to Close 5-30 30-90 5-30
Local Office Yes Yes Sometimes
Date of Startup 2003 varies most in 2018, 2019 or later



No Fees, No Commissions when working with Houston Home Buyers. It is very simple. On the other hand realtors must charge commissions to pay for their advertising and overhead expenses. iBuyers typically have large, national advertising budgets in the 10s of Millions of dollars. These real estate companies can only afford these huge advertising budgets by charging the home owner fees or commissions.

Any Condition ?

Yes. We buy houses in as-is condition.  That includes flooded houses, hurricane houses, fire damaged houses, houses with no A/C or heating, houses with foundation issues - houses in ANY condition.

Required Repairs

We buy houses in any condition and assume all repairs. Home sellers that want to work with realtors will have to make repairs to make the property marketable to retail buyers that are searching the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Number of Showing

Perhaps the most disliked aspect of working with realtors is the prospect of having strangers walking through your house. Some residential houses have dozens of showings before they obtain an offer from a house buyer.

A large white house in west Houston.

Inspections Required

  • Foundation

    • pier and beam

    • concrete slab

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Roof

  • Survey

Mortgage Approval

Home sellers are at the mercy of residential lending institutions when they decline to lend money to a home buyer. When this happens the homeowner has to find another buyer and hope that he/she can qualify for the mortgage loan.

Cash Offer

A cash purchase makes residential real estate transactions much more simple - and FAST. The uncertainty of a home buyer's mortgage loan approval is eliminated. All existing mortgages and liens are paid at closing.

Phone Support

We are a local company and have been working with home sellers and home investors since 2004. We are always available to help.

Days on Market

When a homeowner sells their home to a home buyers investor group such as ours the days on market (DOM) is one day. Realtors sometimes have houses for sale on the MLS for 6 months or a year.

Days to Close

As mentioned earlier real estate sales move much more quickly with cash. However, to provide a clear title the title company has to perform their research on past ownership, property taxes, liens, HOA liens, probate/inheritance, and other matters. Sometimes we can close very quickly. But the most common closing period is two to three weeks.

Local Office

Houston is our one and only office.  We love Houston.

Date of Startup

November 24, 2003

Questions ?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or Houston Home iBuyers page

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