Is your Home a Fixer Upper?

If your house is more than a fixer upper then sell it to us for all cash.The term "fixer upper" can mean many things to different people. Usually fixer upper refers to a home or house that needs a modest number of repairs that do not require special expertise or knowledge on the part of the homeowner. In this category we will list interior and exterior painting, new carpet, new floors, roof replacement and a host of minor repairs.

However, there is a different category or repairs that are significantly more costly and difficult. If your house or home needs any of the major repairs listed below, then your home is NOT a fixer upper.

These Major Repairs Are All Costly And Will Include:

  • Home foundation repair / concrete slab repair (in Houston's past, some unethical builders built concrete foundations without steel rebar)
  • Roof Replacement or Repair
  • A/C and Heating systems
  • Termite and pest damage
  • Old plumbing pipes that are below current standards (for example, lead joints)
  • Old and corroded waste water plumbing pipes UNDER the concrete slab
  • Inadequate foundation support for an added fireplace
  • Other damage to the structural integrity of the home
  • Old and out of code electrical wiring (for example, aluminum wiring)
  • Inadequate insulation within the walls of the home (usually it is easier to add insulation in the attic)

Before you purchase a house or home that you think is an easy fixer upper, you should pay for a home inspection by a professional home inspector. The inspector will give you a much better idea of what is required to repair the house and some approximate costs.

If you decide to sell your home quickly rather than tackle the burden of a TOO BIG Fixer Upper, call at 281-231-2703 or send us an E-MAILWe can do a 15 minute walk-through and say "We'll make you a CASH offer and settle in 15 days or less." How does that sound?

Call us at 281-231-2703 or E-mail us. We are ready to make you an offer.

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