The Ultimate Secrets in Selling your House

Our Keys to Success For Home Sellers – 10 Ultimate Secrets On How to Sell Your Home

Ultimate Secret #10 Price Your House Smartly

Research the current value of your house, then cut 10%-15% off that amount. Present it to the market. You will find yourself dealing with a lot of hopeful buyers trying to bid out each other for the property – they would go even higher than the actual worth of the house. This is a very effective strategy yet not all sellers would take the risk of presenting their property at a lower price. But in seller’s market with low inventory, this strategy is one of the best in selling your house.

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Ultimate Secret #9  Well Organized and Spacious Looking Closets

A house with a great space for storage is one thing a buyer would be looking for. Have half of your things taken out from your closet or storage area and arrange appropriately the remaining things. The potential buyer who will visit your home would definitely check the storage. So ensure that your closets are properly cleaned and organized.

Ultimate Secret #8  Light Up the House

Make sure that your house is well lit. A house that is well lighted – day or night – is one of the things that a buyer would look for. Clean your windows. Remove your drapes. Clean your lampshades and make sure your bulbs are working. Use bulbs with higher wattage. Trim your outdoor plants, especially the ones that are blocking your windows to let the sunlight in. Making your home bright makes the house look warm and a great place to live – making it even more sellable.

Ultimate Secret #7  Find the Right Agent / Broker

A possible great sale gone wrong could be caused by getting the wrong real estate agent / broker. Choose the broker who will help you the most with your house. Make sure that he / she knows their duties and responsibilities well. They should be well informed of what’s happening in the market and should regularly check the Multiple Listing Service. Look for a broker who is up to date with gadgets and technology and who has more tools to use to sell your house.

Ultimate Secret #6  Pet Free for a Day

Not everyone are fond of dogs or cats, or even lovebirds. So on or even before the day you are expecting some potential buyers, have your pets stay at a pet hotel or a relative’s house. Make sure the place is clean from dog food or cat furs. Have the place free from pet stink as well, making sure the place looks and smells clean.

Ultimate Secret #5  Upgrade, but Don’t Overdo It

Making a couple of changes to your house is a good thing. Doing an entire overhaul is not. Prevent yourself from making a decision that is not necessary before you sell your home. You could repaint the walls on some rooms to make it look fresh, or replace the bulbs on some lamps. You could also replace your curtains just some clean old ones. Replacing inexpensive mats and some drawer handles are just a few that you could do to make your house look great for the possible buyers.

Ultimate Secret #4  Remove the Home From the House

You should not forget to take out the memories from the house. Yes, it was your home for quite a while and memories were created in every corner, but potential buyers might be weirded out by the idea of seeing other people’s memories on their future home. So take out your stuff such as photos, collections and other personal souvenirs. Think of getting a home stager to work around your house to make it more pleasant to the buyers.

Ultimate Secret #3  Prioritize the Kitchen

Make sure you make a great effort on updating your kitchen. Let say the whole thought of selling your house is about the kitchen that is how of a great importance it is. Either you shell out some money on a fancy counter top or do minor changes like changing the handles on drawers or cabinets, these upgrades would really pay off.

Beautiful renovated kitchen

Ultimate Secret #2  Make your House a Stage and Ready for a Show

Once you have decided to let potential buyers in visit your house, you should make sure that everything in the house is ready. Every room should be spic and span and well organized. You wouldn’t know which room the potential buyers would want to see first, so once the visitors are in your house, you shouldn’t be rushing to the kitchen to clean up some dishes. Everything should be up and ready for the show.

Ultimate Secret #1  The First Impression Lasts Longer Than You Think

While you are busy tidying things up inside your house, don’t ever forget to make things outside of your house even more welcoming. The interiors of your house would just be secondary so make sure to spruce up the exterior of your home. Trim your plants. Repaint your fences. Fix your mailbox. These small things should not be ignored for these are one of the few that creates an impression on your home. Make your house welcoming, inside and out.

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