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The purpose of a home inspection prior to the closing is to evaluate the overall condition of the house. All needed repairs will be documented as well as any existing recognized hazards. Often the home inspection is a source of friction between the seller and the potential buyer. The buyer wants an immaculate home in perfect repair and the seller doesn't have the cash for 1000s of dollars in repairs. Don't worry, Houston Home Buyers will buy your home in any condition for CASH !

A qualified home inspector will document all physical defects found with the house.Buyers fear the mistake of buying a house with faulty working systems or major structural problems such as needed home foundation repair. In almost all cases, the home buyer will include a clause in the purchase contract to have a professional home inspection. In addition, the buyer will also include a clause that will allow them to exit the purchase contract based on the results of the home inspection (contingent on the buyer approving the results of one or more inspections). Essentially, the buyer will NOT buy if he does not like the results of the home inspection.

In addition, the buyer will review the Seller's Disclosure Notice in detail prior to scheduling the home inspection. All areas of concern will be thoroughly examined by the professional home inspector. Many times the buyer will NOT buy because of the results of the home inspection.

In general, a professional home inspector will examine the house for items that are needing major/minor repairs, health and/or safety hazards, general maintenance, as well as items that will present deferred costs in the future. Some free real estate forms can be found by clicking here.

Usually a Comprehensive Home Inspection will include most or all of the following:

General Systems Inspections include:
Home's foundation
Structural engineering opinion
General Structure 
New home construction
Radon testing 
Camera scope of main sewer lines
Plumbing pipes
Well and septic tank testing 
Termite & pest inspections 
Home maintenance
All rooms including kitchen, basement, and attic

Major Systems Inspections include:
Air Conditioning System
Heating System and furnace certification
Crawl Spaces
Sump Pump
Water Heater
Electrical System of the entire home

After a professional home inspection has been completed the buyer and seller are usually faced with decisions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cost of major structural repairs (foundation problems are almost a certainty in Houston)
  • Cost of major plumbing repairs (almost a certainty in older homes)
  • Cost of needed remodeling and renovation
  • Maintenance costs over time
  • Value of remodeling and renovation work already done

A home inspector is testing an air conditioner.

If you would like a comprehensive Home Inspection Kit, you can download one provided by Freddie Mac. They have given permission for all consumers to use this kit. You will need Adobe Acrobat software to read the file. The kit can be found by clicking this link, download A Consumer Home Inspection Kit in Adobe Acrobat.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may acquire a free copy from Adobe by clicking on the Adobe "Get Acrobat Reader" icon below. Please note that you will need to download and install Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website to the hard drive of your desktop PC. You may also download this file for later printing by right-clicking on the link above.

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