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We Stop Foreclosure - We buy Houston Homes in "as-is" condition for CASH !

Is foreclosure threatening your future and peace of mind? Unfortunately bad financial times can happen to any of us at any time. At some time you may have to deal with FORECLOSURE and or BANKRUPTCY. Some people are so demoralized that they ignore their problems to avoid the pain of facing them. But there is HOPE so don't let this financial distress grow and multiply. There are solutions and we may be part of your solution.

This house was forced into foreclosure after the owner failed to make his mortgage payments.

We Stop Foreclosures by purchasing your house and paying off the mortgage. Your credit report will not include a foreclosure.

First, let us offer you some help in dealing with your foreclosure process. Below are a few resources that outline the process, some foreclosure scams, and the stresses that homeowners face.

Foreclosure Overview - a publication from the Urban Affairs Coalition

Foreclosure Scams - a publication from the FDIC

Foreclosure Stresses Homeowners Face - a publication from the Urban Affairs Coalition

Letting your lender FORECLOSE on your home or real property is never a positive event. It is to your advantage to sell your property to a third party or investor and let him assume the ownership and responsibility of your property. It is important to avoid the blemish of a FORECLOSURE on your financial history. Over time your financial health will improve and you should try to avoid the stain of FORECLOSURE and/or BANKRUPTCY if possible.

Stop Foreclosure
Avoid Bankruptcy
Keep your Good Credit

CALL us at 281-231-2703 or E-MAIL us and we will be happy to discuss your home or real estate property and your situation. We will work with you on an individual basis and give you our opinions and answers in a timely manner. Don't delay until it is too late - your FORECLOSURE and / or BANKRUPTCY is a Time Sensitive matterSo call or e-mail us today!

The Benefits Of Working With Are:

  • Fast CASH !

  • Fast Inspections and Written Offers.

  • Fast Closings - 15 days or less.

  • You pay No Closing Costs - We will pay All of the Seller's Closing Costs.

  • We will Stop your Foreclosure dead in its tracks.

  • Relief and a Better Start on your new Future.

More information about Foreclosure laws in Texas is available at the or more general information is at Wikipedia.

Call us at 281-231-2703 or E-mail us and we will be happy to discuss your home or real estate property and your situation.

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