Stage Your House For The Future Owner

Attract from the outside

Some buyers may think of driving by your house a few days before their scheduled visit, so it would be best to let them have a good impression of the house even from the outside. So you can stage your house to improve the odds of selling it. Here is a simple check list you can start on:

o Curbside: Clean it, rake it, or paint it if you have to. Just because it is outside your fence does it mean the potential buyers won’t be bothered if it’s dirty?

o Lawn : Mow your lawn. Have some few flower plants in some corners to cut the all green look.

o Porch : Decorate your porch. Have some nice furniture such as a white bench and a corner table or a rocking chair. Include a few details to make it look welcoming.

o Garage : ALWAYS KEEP IT CLEAN AND ORGANIZED – with or without your car parked inside. Make sure than your garage is organized. Tools should not be scattered on the floor and cabinets should be closed at all times. You wouldn’t know when a potential buyer is driving by. Don’t forget to clean up the outside of it as well.

Spic and span indoors

You would want your house to look as beautiful as houses in the magazines. Start off by cleaning it up. After taking care of pest control and the likes, make sure that the house is upright clean. From curtains to center piece decoration, small details are always noticeable. You don’t have to buy new things, old ones would do as long as it doesn’t look worn out. It may be a great time to bring out your old carpets too, to bring accent in your rooms.  This is the stage your home process.

Remember that your style is not everybody’s style. You would want to your house to be likeable by all, if not almost everyone who visits it. So keep it simple. Don’t lavishly decorate it with your favorite memorabilia as to these might keep potential home buyers away.

Decorate your dining area and kitchen. These rooms are usually the tie breaker when it comes to buyer’s decision making, regardless if it’s a newlywed couple or a family of six. Make sure your kitchen and dining area have few interesting decorations to make it unique. Don’t over decorate though, for it would make either too cramped.

Closets should not be where you are to hide unwanted things. Organize closets as these might catch the attention of potentials buyers. You wouldn’t want to have them open the closet with a pile of junk inside.

Colors – Choose wisely

In decorating your house, both indoor and outdoor, make sure you choose a simple colors that are pleasing to the yes. If you are to repaint the walls, or put up some furniture or accents, have it matched to the overall look of the room. As mentioned, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple so potential buyers can still visualize the possible things they would want to do in their future home.

Let the buyers feel the home in your house

Let potential buyers roam around the house. Give them the freedom of choosing which room to look next. Give them a few ideas of what they could do in the house, like bake a cake on the beautiful countertop or have a great afternoon while reading a book at the front porch. Put decorations that would attract visitors to each room. Staging your home can be fun too.

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