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Avoid Bankruptcy

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When official bankruptcy papers are filed against you, you lose control of the real estate that you own. All of the real estate property that you own is now controlled by the bankruptcy court and becomes the property of the bankruptcy estate. How does that sound - someone else decides how and at what price to sell your home, rental house and other real estate property? Avoid Bankruptcy - sell your home or house in any condition for CASH to Houston Homes Buyers.

You may be able to avoid bankruptcy! How? Sell your home, rental house and other real estate property to Houston-Home-Buyers. We buy real estate in any condition for CASH !

Avoid Bankruptcy
Stop Foreclosure
Keep your Good Credit
Avoid losing your house in bankruptcy by selling it for cash.

Avoid Bankruptcy Actions Against Your Real Estate

The consequence of not being able to pay your debts is usually Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is a liquidation proceeding whereby all of your non-exempt real estate property will be sold for by the bankruptcy trustee who will then distribute the cash to your creditors. The long term effects of this type of bankruptcy are significant and should not be underestimated. But Houston Home Buyers can help you BEFORE the filing of bankruptcy papers. How can we helpSell your home and other real estate, in any condition, to Houston-Home-Buyers for fast CASH !

  • No Repairs
  • 100% Cash
  • Fast Closing
  • Certainty

If you have filed bankruptcy in the past, the assets that were discharged will normally show up as a charge-off or uncollected debt on your credit record. You should write to all of the credit bureaus requesting that they show the debt as "discharged in bankruptcy". Be sure and provide a copy of your complete bankruptcy papers. This will help raise your credit scores and make it easier to obtain mortgage loans and other financing in the future.

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