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We Buy FLOODED Houses

Any Condition - "as is" - Fast Cash


We Buy Houston Houses and Homes Fast ! In Any Condition for CASH !

Selling your house or home to Houston-Home-Buyers.com has many benefits. Many property owners fail to realize the advantages of a fast closing for CASH ! We know how to buy Houston houses and homes FAST ! We buy Houston Houses and Homes FAST! In any condition for CASH !

What Are The Benefits To The Property Owner?

Quick Closing

We save you months or years of waiting and trying to sell via traditional methods. Most of our closing are in 15 days or less.

NO Repairs

We buy Houston houses and homes Fast ! - that means we conduct inspections quickly. We will handle major structural repairs, plumbing repairs, cosmetic repairs and any other repair. Don't worry about hiring and paying contractors - that is now our job.

Save Money on Mortgage Payments

As soon as your home closes you stop paying on your mortgage - because we pay you CASH ! If delinquent mortgage payments are a problem, we will work with you to find a quick solution. (CASH is a very good solution.)

Save Money on Taxes and Insurance

As soon as your home closes you stop paying property taxes and insurance. If delinquent taxes are a problem, we will work with you to find a quick solution. (CASH is a very good solution.)

Houston House Buyers always use 100% cash to buy houses.

We buy little houses and BIG, pretty houses.

Stop Foreclosure
Avoid Bankruptcy
Keep your Good Credit

How Fast can we Close on your Home ?

Very Fast ! Sometimes in a week, but our goal is 15 days or less. How does that sound?

We can do a 15 minute walk-through and say "We'll make you a CASH offer and settle in 15 days or less." Call us today.


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