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Tiny Homes in Houston and Texas

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Tiny homes in Houston and Texas are gaining traction in the real estate market and proving themselves to be more than a passing fad. They are legitimate houses that offer some interesting innovations, such as using solar panels to eliminate electric bills. Tiny houses are considered to be part of a “small house movement” that implies a return to a more simple and sustainable life style. The most accepted definition for a tiny house is any house between 300 and 1000 square feet. However, some claim that tiny houses should be 500...

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Reducing Mortgage Cost

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Reducing Expensive and Excessive Mortgage Cost Have you seriously checked the amount you’re paying on mortgage? You might want to double check it and see if you are not paying for fees you are not supposed to pay.Consider the type of your loan. Check if you are paying for PMI or private mortgage insurance. On some type of loans, PMI is to be collected if you did not pay a 20% down payment on your home. This is as explained on the official website of the Federal Trade Commission. Some loans does not require PMI if you have paid 20% on equity....

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Gearing Up When Selling your house

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Gearing up for a House Sale Selling your house is not an easy decision. It may be for monetary reason, a new job or simply the need to move into a different neighborhood. Either way letting go of a house that was a great home is not easy. But since you have to, better find you’re a house a new owner that would have their own memories in it. Preparing your house is a lot of job. Some people hire professionals do it but it is costly. Here is a checklist you could use so you could do it yourself and not forget a single thing. House preparation...

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How to Know the Value of your House?

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How to Know the Value of your House?   If you are planning to sell your house, it is very crucial for you to know its exact value. Mainly, for you to know if it is worth selling. Depending on your reason of selling, you wouldn’t want to just present your house in the market if the value is just too low. Some people directly hire an expert to assess the value of the house. Some would hire people upgrade the house to increase the value of the house. Even so, it would be of a great advantage if you would know how the experts come up with the...

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Knowing more on FSBO or For Sale By Owners

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Know more on FSBO: What to do and how it’s done? In the recent real estate market, people are already considering selling their property on FSBO or For Sale By Owners or selling a real estate property without the aid of an agent who is paid a specific percentage of the property’s price. Flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is still considered as part of FSBO since the real estate agent is paid for his or her service on an agreed flat fee or rate rather than a percentage of the selling price. Why consider FSBO or For Sale By Owners? On a...

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The Ultimate Secrets in Selling your House

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10 Ultimate Secrets On How to Sell Your Home Ultimate Secret #10 Put a smart price on your house Know the current value of your house, then cut 15%-20% off that amount. Present it to the market. You will find yourself dealing with a lot of hopeful buyers trying to bid out each other for the property – they would go even higher than the actual worth of the house. This is a very effective strategy yet not all sellers would take the risk on presenting their property on a lower price. But in today’s market, this strategy is one of the best...

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Tips for Selling Your House

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Guidelines and Tips for Selling Your House Even when Market is Down Getting ready to get rid of an old home for a new one? Moving out for a better job out of state? You don’t really have to worry about selling your house. You can ask help from a professional or an agent but you can also do it yourself. Either way, here are some tips for selling your house – it will be easier for you. Clean up ALL parts of the House It’s a given that the house should be cleaned as you are preparing for it to be sold but make sure you are doing it right....

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Buying Your First Home

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Buying Your First Home In the current market, properties don’t sell as much for prices have gone really low. This is bad and sad news for those who are into selling of properties. On the other hand, now is a great time to make those property purchase you have been thinking. To help you when you are buying your first home, here are some tips. • Be sure that buying a new house is a good deal for you Rents may not be cheap in your place but buying one is not either. Are you planning to move to another place in a few year’s time? Are you having...

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Stage Your House For The Future Owner

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• Attract from the outside Some buyers may think of driving by your house a few days before their scheduled visit, so it would be best to let them have a good impression of the house even from the outside. So you can stage your house to improve the odds of selling it. Here is a simple check list you can start on: o Curbside: Clean it up, brush it if you have to. Just because it is outside your fence does it mean the potential buyers won’t be bothered if it’s dirty? o Lawn : Mow your lawn. Have some few flower plants in some corners to cut the...

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Selling Your Home

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Selling Your Home If you think selling your home (DIY = do it yourself) all by yourself is impossible, you might want to think again. It may need more work on your end, but it is possible as long as you know exactly what to do and spend on what is just necessary. Here are some guidelines that could help in Selling Your House • Prepare the house for its potential new owners Make sure you tidied up every corner of the house. A little upgrade would be good such as changing curtains or repainting the walls. You can also do the smaller changes...

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